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A comprehensive, fully integrated crypto trading solution for investors, investment advisors, and wealth managers.

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We removed the headaches of opening accounts, integrating to exchanges, managing accounting & reporting, and dealing with banking. All you need is for you or your client to register and invite each other.

Access 10 different crypto markets across 8+ trusted exchanges. SFOX is the first institutional focused platform that enables you to trade cryptocurrency across all exchanges from one account. Eliminate the need for individual exchange accounts and wallets.

We unify the largest crypto exchanges and OTC desks into a single order book. Powered by Smart Order Router algorithms, clients execute at the best available price and access the deepest liquidity from a single orderbook.

Our legal, operations, and company compliance team hail from diverse backgrounds from senior to executive positions held at G10 banks and major asset management firms. We comply with state-by-state laws.

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Trusted by the largest crypto funds and most active traders. Over $12 billion in transaction volume facilitated on SFOX

Invite your own advisor, traders, managers, or trusted-parties to manage your cryptocurrency trading portfolio, while having full transparency of the activity on your account. Be in control of your funds and have direct access to all your crypto investments and transaction history. Our SMA solution allows any individual or business to securely invite other users with specific permission-levels. 

Manage multiple client accounts from a single login. Our SMA solution provides a comprehensive and integrated solution for managed-account portfolio construction, management, trading, accounting, reconciliation, and reporting — all on a single, integrated platform.

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